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Four teenagers locked in a maximum-security facility discover they are the four elemental souls destined to defeat Satan in the young adult novel, A Balanced Apocalypse.

If you like stories that put a completely new spin on an old tale, A Balanced Apocalypse is for you. The story is well paced with many twists and turns that keep you wondering what will happen next. The characters have been well developed, each with unique backstories that make them relatable and believable to readers. As the plot progresses, the four teens must master their elemental powers and themselves in order to succeed. However, although success is imperative, what will that success cost them? With this all-important question, the book presents important themes including faith, determination, good vs. evil, and relationships to help readers look at the age-old battle between God and the devil in a new light.

A stunning start to The Void Series, A Balanced Apocalypse combines Christianity’s take on creation and the end of the world with a unique, superhero twist.


Award Page: A Balanced Apocalypse: Book I of The Void - Fiction (

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